Fred my CRF guy was on an appetite stimulant called Mirtazapine, it worked very well for him the other you mentioned didn't do anything for him either and the mirtazapine is nice because you only have to give it every 3 days. Fred started eating within 20 minutes of getting it and in a month gained back all the weight he lost plus some, he's been off it for months now and has been maintaining his weight.

The starting dose is 1/8 to 1/4 of a tablet every 3 days, my vet prescribed 1.4 every 3 days but I started Fred on the lower dose and it was enough, I figured I could always go to the higher dose if the lower didn't work.

Mirtazapine is fairly new in it's use with cats but a few of the CRF cats that don't respond to the other are doing well on this.

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