I was told by a vet that they use Advantage on young kittens, but I can't 
remember what she said was the age.  8 weeks is definitely safe and I'm pretty 
sure that some vets would go even lower.  It's one of those things where "some 
vets think A/some think B."  All of my foster kittens had Advantage before they 
came to me and they were 3 months by that time (but teeny tiny- one didn't 
weigh 2 lbs yet).  But I was told Advantage is incredibly safe and I have never 
had a problem with it-- only positive results.  It can be used on really young 
kittens, you just have to tweak the dosage.  There are some people that know 
the dosing amounts-- maybe on this list?  I have an email about it somewhere I 
could maybe dig out and I can always ask the adoption agency people I work 
with, as I usually just refer to them when I need a dosage based on weight.  

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How old do the kittens need to be to use advantage on them or any other flea 
Don't worry I don't use over the counter stuff.
These are four and half weeks old now.
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