I have not had experience with transfusions and cats. From what I've read, transfusions are usually given to FeLV+ cats when they are severely anemic. The transfusion may be successful, in that the kitty will feel much better for awhile. Unfortunately, this doesn't clear up the anemia. It simply buys time, and the effects wear off. There are folks on this list with experience who can tell you their own stories, and a compassionate and experienced vet should be able to tell you when a transfusion is needed and what kind of success they've seen. I can tell you that you want to do what you can to boost red blood cell counts with other measures. For example, Epogen has been discussed on this list for FeLV+ cats with regenerative anemia. Someone will hopefully come along to give much better (and more specific) info than I have.


On Oct 13, 2007, at 10:48 AM, Angela B. wrote:

I would like to know how often FELV cats are given blood transfusions and how successful are they?

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