I know, you are also right.  But I didn't want to make Monkee go through the 
bone marrow aspirate because he'd already been through so much, since we did 
Chemo on him (which, in hindsight, I will NOT do again with another animal).  
I'm sure it's possible the chemo itself brought up the anemia, but he had the 
lump on his leg that was only getting bigger with chemo (which the Dr. was 
shocked by) and by the time we did the transfusion, he had lumps in his stomach 
and groin area, so the cancer was clearly spreading- despite chemo.  The Doctor 
was almost positive it was the cancer causing the anemia and at the time, I was 
so disenchanted with her, I didn't really listen.  But I'm sure now that she 
was right.  We felt like a bone marrow aspirate would just tell us what we 
already knew, but didn't want to admit.  I guess my point was really that the 
blood transfusions are so emotionally taxing. 

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 08:27:21 -0700From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL 
PROTECTED]: Re: blood transfusion
    Caroline,   I remember Monkee and all the heartache you guys went through.I 
would be doing all positives a disservice though if I didn't make a point about 
what my vet told me and I have personally seen happen with some cats on the 
lists I'm on.Sometimes for what ever reason it takes 2 or 3 or more 
transfusions to kick start a cats blood production, my vet told me she has done 
up to 5 transfusions on the same cat with no ill effects.  Of course you still 
need to find out what is causing the anemia so you can hopefully fix it.  
Baileys anemia was his first symptom of the cancer we couldn't find until after 
he passed BUT we did reverse the non-regenerative anemia with epogen and 
prednisolone, his HCT was normal (33% from a low point of 15%) when the cancer 
took him.  I didn't need to do a transfusion with Bailey because I did a bone 
marrow aspirate to find out what was causing the anemia and treated 
accordingly.Every cat I've lost has taught me something in hindsight that I and 
my vet missed at the time, I wish my guys weren't the ones that had to pay with 
their lives but I know one thing, if I ever hear of a cat having the same 
symptoms or God forbid I have a cat with like symptoms, I will know what to 
tell them to look for, doesn't mean they will but I will make the effort to let 
them know.-- 

happiness is being owned by cats ...


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