I do know of one cat that has had many transfusions, more than 5, I think it was one of Hideyo's cats, I seem to remember her posting it on the anemia list I'm on. I believe it was because the epogen quit working or her vet thought the cat had developed aiitbodies. I will write her and ask to double check, this cat is alive and well though still with an extremely low HCT, she is doing good. The vets can't figure out what is causing her anemia.

Did you get the answers you needed? Speaking specifically about anemic cats who are FeLV+, blood transfusions are probably given every 10 days, and probably not more than 3 times. This is only knowledge I have gleaned from what I've seen here in the past two years and might not be completely right. Some vets won't even do more than 2 transfusions.

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