It doesn't seem to make a whole lot of difference what brand of litter (as long 
as it IS scoopable) we use so I buy whatever I have coupons for--or, if no 
coupons, I go to Wal-Mart as they have the best prices around here.  

I have seven cats and seven litterboxes--I've always read that one should have 
the same number of boxes as cats.  We scoop the boxes 4-5 times per day.  I 
don't know that there is a perfect answer--but this works pretty well.
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  Ok, guys, as you know, my cat population has grown to four.  With that comes 
an exponential number of litterboxes (three currently, thinking about upgrading 
to four), and well, honestly, litter is getting a bit expensive with all the 
other costs.  I'm curious about what you guys use?  Right now I use Tidy Cats 
scoopable litter, and the Tidy cats litter deodorizer, too.  I've also been 
changing the boxes out completely every week (at least every other week).  This 
gets expensive, especially considering it takes a box and a half to fill three 
boxes every week.  The problem is if I don't change the box out every week, it 
starts to smell, and one of the litterboxes is in the guestroom. :(  

  So my question is, what kind of litter do you guys use, and what protocol do 
you use to keep the odor to a minimum?  What are the differences in scoopable 
versus non-scoopable?  I'd appreciate any opinions on the matter. :)


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