This sounds similar to the "Rescue Remedy" discussions we have had on this list 
before (see the archives).  I use RR on my cats sometimes and on myself- a lot. 
 But some people say it doesn't work for their cats.  If RR hasn't worked for 
your cat(s) tho, what Unusually Unique is suggesting is along the same lines.  
RR is a combination of certain flower essences, whereas this is suggesting the 
use of one, targeted essence.  This is the kind of thing a Holistic Vet would 
do for you- evaluate the situation and the cats and recommend a treatment, 
which would most likely involve an essence like this, among other things.  I 
say try it.  Along those lines, if you have a holistic vet at your disposal, 
you may want to try that route.  I find mine was the best at evaluating/taking 
into consideration the behavioral traits and personality of the cat.  They will 
also do an exam to make sure that it's not being caused by anything physical, 
such as is suggested in this email.  You may want to consult with one if that 
is available to you.  My holistic vet was the only one out of the whole troupe 
that treated Monkee that ever looked at Monkee and instantly took in his 
personality and "life force."  When I first went to her, I thought she might be 
a snake oil saleswoman, but her instant understanding of the cat I'd had for 4 
years, upon just meeting him, amazed me and won me over.  Although I still lost 
Monkee shortly after that, I will never NOT sing the praises of this vet.  If 
you have no success trying an essence on your own, you may want to look at 
holistic vets.   

Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 08:01:54 -0800From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Re: We are having 

I'm new here but I think I might be able to help.  I was having a similar issue 
with my kids.  Waco, 9 yr old siamese who we are pretty sure is FeLV+ started 
getting real aggressive with 2 of my other weaker, sick cats.  Yota, 8 yr old 
siamese, FeLV+ and Jake, 14 yr old orange tabby with an injured paw.  I've been 
doing a lot of research into holistic treatments of FeLV because I had 2 vets 
tell me there is nothing that can be done for Yota (lympathic leukemia).  I was 
at Good Earth (the natural/herb store) and was talking with a very nice sales 
lady and I happened to mention Waco's aggressive behavior.  She suggested using 
a flower essense called "Vine Essence".  According to the book we were looking 
at it helps with "domination" issues.  It helps cats who feel the need to pick 
on weaker, sick or smaller cats.  She suggested putting it in their water or 
diliuting it and rubbing it on their ears when getting some luvs from you.  She 
also told me that it would not affect the other cats if I put it in their 
water.  The essenses only affect the one with "issues".  I also found an 
article that might help you if this is something your considering : .  All I 
know is that I used it and it worked.  Now when Waco starts playing "I AM ALPHA 
CAT"  I either rub some on his ears or put a couple of drops in his liquid 
vitamins and all that goes in a dropper straight down the hatch!  And I hate to 
say this but you might have Penelope checked out.  She could be sick or having 
issues your not aware of yet.  Usually the alpha cats will harrass the weak or 
sick.  Out in the wild these animals would be killed by the alpha.  Just 
something to think about.
Also, I was wondering what if any kind of treatments are you giving your FeLV+ 
----- Original Message ----From: "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>To: 
[EMAIL PROTECTED]: Thursday, November 8, 2007 7:56:13 PMSubject: We are having 
Ok, guys.  I hope someone can figure this situation out, because I'm at my 
wit's end.  Two of my girls are NOT getting along, and I don't know what to do. 
 Penelope (FeLV negative, 2 years old, very standoffish personality, not a 
"friendly" type cat, doesn't want to be held, only wants attention when SHE 
wants it, a loner, etc) and Grizzabella (FeLV positive, 7 years old, very 
friendly, never met a stranger, not so much a lap cat, but doesn't mind being 
petted and isn't afraid of strangers at all) are constantly at each other. :(  
They never really "liked" each other, but the last few months it has gotten 
progressively worse.  To the point that Penelope is afraid to come out of the 
bedroom.  She was pooping/peeing under the bed.  And I know it was just because 
she was afraid of Grizzabella and wouldn't come out of the bedroom.  We finally 
had to put a litterbox in there for her, and food/water.  
What I have noticed is they seem to attack each other, depending on their mood, 
but one always jumps the other.  They can't even pass in the hall without 
fighting, and I don't know what to do.  There doesn't seem to be any 
precursor/cuase.  All it seems to take is one of them seeing the other and 
they're off.  I'm really worried Bella is going to end up scratching Penny and 
infecting her.  Right now when they start I just put Bella in the guestroom for 
a few hours so Penelope can come out of the bedroom, and then when we leave of 
the morning I let Bella out and Penelope spends the day in the bedroom.  Any of 
you guys had any success with behavior modification?  I welcome any 
thoughts/ideas on what has worked for you guys in the past.  Poppy, the third 
one in the house proper, gets along with both of them, for the most part.  I've 
seen Poppy jump Penny a time or two, but certainly nothing like the other two. 
:(  Penny and Poppy do well together most of the time (they both sleep in my 
bed at night).  Any ideas?

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