Ok, guys.  I hope someone can figure this situation out, because I'm  at my 
wit's end.  Two of my girls are NOT getting along, and I don't know  what to 
do.  Penelope (FeLV negative, 2 years old, very standoffish  personality, not a 
"friendly" type cat, doesn't want to be held, only wants  attention when SHE 
wants it, a loner, etc) and Grizzabella (FeLV positive, 7  years old, very 
friendly, never met a stranger, not so much a lap cat, but  doesn't mind being 
petted and isn't afraid of strangers at all) are  constantly at each other. :(  
They never really "liked" each other, but the  last few months it has gotten 
progressively worse.  To the point that  Penelope is afraid to come out of the 
bedroom.  She was pooping/peeing  under the bed.  And I know it was just 
because she was afraid of  Grizzabella and wouldn't come out of the bedroom.  
finally had to put a  litterbox in there for her, and food/water.  
What I have noticed is they seem to attack each other, depending on their  
mood, but one always jumps the other.  They can't even pass in the hall  
fighting, and I don't know what to do.  There doesn't seem to be  any 
precursor/cuase.  All it seems to take is one of them seeing the other  and 
off.  I'm really worried Bella is going to end up scratching  Penny and 
infecting her.  Right now when they start I just put Bella in the  guestroom 
for a 
few hours so Penelope can come out of the bedroom, and then when  we leave of 
the morning I let Bella out and Penelope spends the day in the  bedroom.  Any 
you guys had any success with behavior modification?   I welcome any 
thoughts/ideas on what has worked for you guys in the past.   Poppy, the third 
one in 
the house proper, gets along with both of them, for the  most part.  I've seen 
Poppy jump Penny a time or two, but certainly nothing  like the other two. :( 
 Penny and Poppy do well together most of the time  (they both sleep in my 
bed at night).  Any  ideas?

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