Ok, guys, thought I'd update you on the situation with the two fighting  

Jeff took Penelope (FeLV negative) to the vet today.  We noticed  last night 
that her left eye was beginning to cloud up.  Dr. Dolen said she  had 
scratched her cornea somehow in at least a couple different places (he used  
phosphorescent light thing).  I figure its where she and  Bella(FeLV+) have 
fighting so much. :(  Anyway, he gave her eye  ointment (Neomycin and Polymyxin 
B Sulfates and Bacitracin Zinc) that she's  supposed to get three to four 
times daily.  We've managed to get it in once  so far.  She is NOT tolerating 
at all..  Its very stressful for  her.  But we'll see if she "gets used to it" 
as we try it more often.   She goes back in a week so he can check up on her.  
Any of you guys  have any recommendations on how to put ointment in a cat's 
eye? A very skiddish  spastic cat?
As for the fighting/aggression, Dr. Dolen prescribed Buspirone (generic  
BuSpar) 2.5mg daily for Penny and Grizzabella.  We're going to give it a  try 
see how it goes.  Has anyone had any experience with Buspirone in  cats?  I 
know its a human psychotropic drug often used to treat  
aggression/behavioral/anxiety issues, but I've never heard of it being used in  
cats!  He said give it 
three weeks and we'll see how its going.

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