Hello List,

As you may recall, I posted a few weeks back about my FeLV+ girl, Ember,
having lost weight since last January. I'd taken her off of EVO dry due
to serious diarrhea. I don't think EVO is a bad food, and she did very
on it for many months before the diarrhea. Unfortunately, when I pulled
dry food,  Ember dropped almost 1.5 pounds over nine months or so.

 I've put Ember on one of the Wellness dry formulas, and she's gained
about 8/10ths of a pound back. I'm pretty  pleased. I'm curious to know
people think of Wellness, specifically of the pouched "chunky" food vs.
the canned. Also, I purchased some Wellness CORE, but I'm a bit
concerned it'll be too much for her. She's just getting the standard
Wellness chicken dry food for now. 

I've found that Ember's appetite is easily stimulated with Kitty Kaviar, 
and at someone's suggestion, I've been putting just a bit of salt on the
wet EVO that she still gets, and this seems to help. I'm very relived
that dry food did the trick, and my vet is, too.

This has been a Fluffy Pants status update.


  Lance Linimon

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