I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Wellness!  All my cats are on it- personal cats and 
fosters.  I have some foster kittens under 1 year old, so they are on Wellness 
canned kitten (at night) and the Wellness chicken dry that is for kittens and 
adults.  They love love love it.  I have one cat that is 1 year and 2 months 
and she eats the dry wellness with the kittens and then regular adult wellness 
canned at night.  I did have her on Wellness Core for months.  She came to me 
as a rescued owner surrender to metro AC and altho she was already a spayed, 
declawed, indoor house cat, she seems skinny and teeny for her age- at that 
time, almost 1 year.  Her neck was really small and she looked funny/frail- 
altho she's a tortie- she seemed to have a siamese face- and I realized now 
it's b/c she was just slightly undernourished, but not so much to have affected 
her skin and coat yet.  She packed on muscle after being with me only 2 weeks.  
Now, she's a super healthy 1 year old and she's "beefy"- but doesn't have an 
once of fat on her.  I really think the months of Core really beefed her up.  
However, when I started taking in more kittens and feeding them the regular 
wellness dry, she started trying to always eat it.  She liked the Core, but she 
PREFERRED the regular wellness more.  Eventually, I had to transition her to 
wellness dry as it was easier to keep everyone on the same food and the kittens 
really shouldn't be eating non-kitten food like Core.  So, I think either is 
good.  While I suspect the Core- being that it's based on the raw food diet for 
cats- would be the most protein-packed, the regular wellness that is for 
"kittens and adults" is still really really good.
You can put Ember on kitten wet food since you are worried about her weight 
loss and caloric intake.  It doesn't matter how old she is...if she had lost 
weight and needs to beef up, the extra calories in kitten food is essential.  I 
would feed her Wellness kitten.  Mine love it and it's just so high-qual- you 
can tell just by looking at it.  I have had kittens turn down Science Diet 
kitten wet, but none so far can resist the wellness!  
I have given the new wellness pouches only to my 1 year old tortie as a "treat" 
meal about once a week.  They do have a lot of gravy and you will notice the 
canned wellness is not swimming in gravy, so I didn't want her to get fat.  I 
think kitten wet wellness would be preferable to feed Ember than a diet of the 
pouches, but that's just me.  I think they are nice as a special treat, but my 
tortie doesn't seem to care, as she loves any wellness wet- whether from a can 
or a pouch!  
You can also try adding some supplements to the wet food like Nutrical- to get 
in even more calories.  The biggest danger with a cat with weight loss is fatty 
liver disease and Nutrical alone (for a cat not eating at all), can stave this 
off.  I have added it to the food of the starving, malnourished outside cat I 
found a while ago and it worked well.  Other supplements I use on foster 
kittens who need to "beef up" and get extra calories and help fighting off URIs 
are: Brewer's yeast (but start adding it very slowly for a cat- just a sprinkle 
and work your way up from there);  "Just Born with Colostrum"- which you can 
order online.  It can be used as a supplement for kittens and adult cats- 
sprinkle and mix into wet food- it's not just a powdered milk formula for baby 
kitties.  Since Ember is Felv+, if you aren't already using this, you need to 
b/c of the colostrum that's in it.  One container lasts a long long time, so 
it's worth it; also, L-Lysine; and Salmon oil.  I don't use all supplements in 
each meal- I alternate them.  I find the cats actually like the Brewer's yeast 
the most being added to their food-- they can tell when it's in there and when 
I forgot to add it/was being lazy.  My tortie will not eat all her wet food 
unless she has some BY in it!
I think a lot of this info is a repeat of past posts, so if you want more 
detailed info about Brewer's Yeast and/or colostrum and "Just Born," you can 
look thru the archives for emails with these topic headlines b/c I know they 
were discussed back over the past summer and fall.  You can also look for my 
?'s and answers I received to my posts about my "malnorished rescue" cat from 
the summer.  There should be info there about beefing up a cat with weight 
-Caroline  > From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org> Subject: 
Ember and (now) weight gain> Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2007 11:49:13 -0600> > Hello 
List,> > As you may recall, I posted a few weeks back about my FeLV+ girl, 
Ember,> having lost weight since last January. I'd taken her off of EVO dry 
due> to serious diarrhea. I don't think EVO is a bad food, and she did very> 
well> on it for many months before the diarrhea. Unfortunately, when I pulled> 
dry food, Ember dropped almost 1.5 pounds over nine months or so.> > I've put 
Ember on one of the Wellness dry formulas, and she's gained> about 8/10ths of a 
pound back. I'm pretty pleased. I'm curious to know> what> people think of 
Wellness, specifically of the pouched "chunky" food vs.> the canned. Also, I 
purchased some Wellness CORE, but I'm a bit> concerned it'll be too much for 
her. She's just getting the standard> Wellness chicken dry food for now. > > 
I've found that Ember's appetite is easily stimulated with Kitty Kaviar, > and 
at someone's suggestion, I've been putting just a bit of salt on the> wet EVO 
that she still gets, and this seems to help. I'm very relived> that dry food 
did the trick, and my vet is, too.> > This has been a Fluffy Pants status 
update.> > > Lance> > -- > Lance Linimon> [EMAIL PROTECTED]> > 
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