Proper dosage of Amoxi for cats is 5 - 10mg per pound once a day, usually the vet will give you 50mg tablets for most cats.

Proper dosage for Cephalexin is 5 - 15mg per pound every 6 to 12 hours.

If you have the bottle of powdered amoxicillin that is supposed to be mixed with water all at once to make a suspension it is very difficult to get the correct dosage when mixing less than the whole bottle because most of the powders contain some fillers and you can't tell how well the amoxi is distrubuted in the powder. I think the 250mg (fishmox) capsules are easier, just mix with 2.5ml (or cc) of water, shake well and give .5ml. The capsules are cheap enough to just throw away the leftover mix if you don't want to bother keeping it.

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What if you have a bottle of powdered Amoxi that you are mixing with water? What is the dosage per pound of body weight? Just want to triple check that I am dosing my cats right...

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