I posted this to the Angels on My Shoulder group, but I will share my
feelings here too....

It was one year ago that my precious Tiny went on to the
Rainbows Bridge. Everyone deals with Grief differently. I lost four cats
that year including Tiny. I was not expecting my Tiny to leave me so soon.
He was a little over 5 years old. A neighbor's child brought him to me as a
kitten saying her parents were going to get rid of it. She said a cat had
kittens under their porch. I did not really believe the story but I took the
tiny kitty and gave him a home. He looked to me not even old enough to be
separated from his mom. He would later develop a habit of making biscuits in
my hair. He did this all his short life. He also would sleep on my head.
Purring loudly. I mean literally on my head or he would use it as a pillow.
All his life he had an occasional cough. I worried that it was asthma or
heart worms. I will never know. The spells were short lived and then he
seemed fine. Summer of 2006 he had a vicious coughing spell that literally
knocked him off his feet. He also had a cold. I took him to the vet. He was
given antibiotics and got better. Several of my other cats got sick too. All
with cold like symptoms. Junior his half brother, same mom she was feral,
had been hit by a car that spring and stayed inside recuperating. He too got
sick and had anemia on top of the cold.

Long story short I wound up losing Pumpkin who was hiding symptoms from me
and not eating. He was anemic and jaundiced when taken to the vet. Two day
later I had to take him back and he stayed on IV for two days. Seemed better
the second night there he crashed. He was a shell of himself and I had him
PTS. I took Junior back to his vet to make sure he was ok because he had
similar symptoms. He had a fever of 106.5 so they kept him. The vet called
later wanted to do a feline leukemia test and it was positive. Turned out
Tiny was positive too. Junior already had classic symptoms. Tiny was over
his cold and never showed symptoms. I also had another positive cat who was
PTS as he was also positive for FELV and FIV. He had also been sick. I would
have probably done that differently had I known what I know now.
The rest of my cats were ok and vaccinated.

Tiny had been a little under the weather, but nothing earth shattering or I
would have had him checked out. Christmas day it rained all day. Tiny seems
a little distressed, but then again not anything that would indicate what
would happen. I watched TV with him and I got up to check my emails. I heard
that same violent cough as the summer before. I rushed to the living room.
to move him. I though he would vomit. His gums were already turning blue. I
gabbed the oxygen tank and it was empty. I went to get the concentrator
which is my husbands. Checked on him we are talking less than a minute. His
breathing calmed down and he was gone. I am told that it was probably a
blood clot he threw and that he did not feel anything after the initial
cough. I still wonder if there was something I missed in his short life that
could have saved him. I buried him in the rain crying the whole time. It
would seem his grave is probably a tad on the lot next to me.

Junior still survives. I constantly worry about him. He currently has a URI
that he can't seem to shake. Feline leukemia is a horrible disease.
Thanks everyone for your comforting words when my Tiny Whiney left me.
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