I would put the smelliest food you can think of (like dark, canned tuna with 
oil or salmon) in the trap.  Also, if you catch one or the other, take him/her 
to the shelter in the trap.  Don't try to transfer to any other container.  Try 
to make sure there is no other food outside anywhere nearby that they could 
choose instead of what is in your trap.

Good luck......you're doing a wonderful thing for the kitties--they just don't 
know it yet!!   +:)
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  I'm in Tucson visiting my parents and have a dilemma that I thought some more 
experienced folks might help me with.  My father's been feeding a little cat 
and her kittens since right after we spotted them in October.  Mom is a young 
tortie who we believe someone dumped in their complex after she got pregnant.  
She had 3 kittens but sadly 2 didn't make it.  So now there is her and one of 
her kittens and they are used to being fed everyday.  


  I have finally found a no-kill shelter who can take them but am having real 
trouble catching them.  Last night I really messed up.  I had the kitten but 
managed to let him slip out when I went to put him in the big dog kennel that 
we have set up for feeding station.  He ran off, it was pouring and though I 
did see him again, I'm sooo afraid he's really spooked.  Then I rented a trap 
but messed up on setting it up and mom cat slipped out.  I corrected my mistake 
and know I did it right cause I caught another cat. He was a wee bit surprised 
and scooted out as soon as I opened the trap!  LOL


  Today I set the trap and put some fried chicken and fish.  I was told to 
cover the trap so they can't see the food from the back.  I also put a sheet of 
newspaper inside at the entrance w. some treats to sort of lure them in.  I saw 
Mom today but she didn't go to eat.  I'm hoping they come back.


  Does anyone have advice?  Also, I have one trap and a big dog kennel so if I 
trap one, I'm not sure if I should try to get it into the dog kennel-not sure 
how to do this.  Any and all advice would be most appreciated! 


  Christiane Biagi


  Cell:  914-720-6888




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