I'm in Tucson visiting my parents and have a dilemma that I thought some
more experienced folks might help me with.  My father's been feeding a
little cat and her kittens since right after we spotted them in October.
Mom is a young tortie who we believe someone dumped in their complex after
she got pregnant.  She had 3 kittens but sadly 2 didn't make it.  So now
there is her and one of her kittens and they are used to being fed everyday.


I have finally found a no-kill shelter who can take them but am having real
trouble catching them.  Last night I really messed up.  I had the kitten but
managed to let him slip out when I went to put him in the big dog kennel
that we have set up for feeding station.  He ran off, it was pouring and
though I did see him again, I'm sooo afraid he's really spooked.  Then I
rented a trap but messed up on setting it up and mom cat slipped out.  I
corrected my mistake and know I did it right cause I caught another cat. He
was a wee bit surprised and scooted out as soon as I opened the trap!  LOL


Today I set the trap and put some fried chicken and fish.  I was told to
cover the trap so they can't see the food from the back.  I also put a sheet
of newspaper inside at the entrance w. some treats to sort of lure them in.
I saw Mom today but she didn't go to eat.  I'm hoping they come back.


Does anyone have advice?  Also, I have one trap and a big dog kennel so if I
trap one, I'm not sure if I should try to get it into the dog kennel-not
sure how to do this.  Any and all advice would be most appreciated! 


Christiane Biagi


Cell:  914-720-6888




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