Thanks for the encouraging news about your Mandy Pat.  We're still trying to 
modify our boy's diet.  I bought this food called Medi-Cal hypoallergenic diet 
from the vets because he was having diarrhea and terrible gas.  He finally had 
a solid bowel movement yesterday and seems to like the food but his favorite 
seems to be tuna and salmon, the human stuff.  He's really loveable and 
seemingly fine health wise so we're just gonna make sure he's well taken care 
of and given lots of love and attention.

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  Lynne - I adopted a new kitty last July.  Mandy also tested positive for 
leukemia.  I loved her immediately so I never considered anything but keeping 
her.  She is thriving.  I feed her Wellness canned food (mixing in some lysine 
and Missing Link) and Nutro dry food.  She is more than six years old and you 
would never know she is anything but perfectly healthy.  She eats like a small 
horse, plays most of the day and loves me.  Hopefully you will have the same 


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