btw we now have Isabella, a stray who kept coming for food and tested positive 
for feline leukemia. She had a rough time of it last summer but is doing great. 
Her weight has almost doubled! She has been adopted by my friend Lisa. She 
takes prednisone and tramadal (pain med) and Lisa gives her interferon 7 days 
on and 7 days off. Lis feeds Innova EVO dry. Bella loves it. She gets some 
canned food, too, but loves her EVO....
Laurie (ps the only thing I don't love about the name BooBoo is that those 
other people named him. I love the name!)
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  From: Lynne 
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  Thank you Jane.  BooBoo (we didn't name him) is on a good diet now and 
seemingly in very good health and I think he feels really well having had a 
conditioning bath and grooming.  I think the little guy is clean for the first 
time in his life.  I talked to the vet about supplements and he didn't feel 
they were necessary at this time but I want him to have his blood checked 
periodically to make sure everything is ok.  As for neutering, our vet wants to 
do it ASAP.  I do trust this guy.  We have a Maine Coon who is 19 years old and 
on thyroid medication now and doing really well so I believe this vet who has 
taken care of him. He tells me that neutered males have less chance of 
developing prostate cancer and his urine won't smell as strong as it does now.  
BooBoo is a very clean cat but his pee does smell horribly strong.  The vet 
said neutering should help this, something I never knew, probably because the 
only 2 cats we've ever owned were neutered quite young.

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    From: Jane Lyons 
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    Hi Lynne 
    I've found that feeding the best quality food possible, finding the right 
supplements to boost immunity and a
    stress free and loving environment does wonders. You might want to get him 
on supplements to support
    his immune system before and after his surgery (neutering).  There is a lot 
of information in the archives as
     We've all experienced the horrible shock and grief that a FeLV diagnosis 
brings, but have learned that these
    kitties are always very special and have taught many of us lessons in 
gratitude and living in the moment.

    There are many knowledgeable people on the list to help you. Welcome!

    On Feb 5, 2008, at 7:47 PM, Lynne wrote:

      Well that's happy news Tad  Since our cat is between 4 to 6 and well, 
maybe he'll be around for a good length of time.
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        From: Tad Burnett
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        Hi Lynne
          The rough numbers say 2/3's will be gone in 2 years...
        That leaves 1/3 that will make it past 2 years and they will commonly
        live to 8 years or longer...

        Lynne wrote:

          Hi all.

          I just joined this list after doing all the reading I possibly could 
find on feline leukemia.  I recently acquired a Himalayan male cat around 5 to 
6 years of age from a rather unscrupulous family.  I was familiar with the cat 
because all summer he would come over to our house and hang around, mostly 
wanting attention and something to eat.  Recently I discovered he was on a buy 
and sell site and immediately called the owners desparate to purchase him.  
Knowing who I am the price went from 150 to 300 within a couple minutes.  
Anyway, my husband and I had grown to love this little guy and just wanted him 
to have a good home.

          Yesterday we took him to the vet where he was groomed, shaved of all 
the horrible matting under his chest and legs, deflead and treated for a 
terrible case of earmites.  We no sooner got home than the vet called to tell 
us he had tested positive for feline leukemia and wanted to know how much we 
had bonded with him and our options.  After what seemed like hours of crying I 
decided we were going to keep him as long as he stayed healthy which he is now. 
 This weekend he is going to be neutered, strongly advised by the vet.  This 
will be strictly a housecat.  He's adjusted very well and is adorable.  I'm 
just curious.  Does he have a chance at a longer life than I've been lead to 
believe he has.  I'm hearing a couple of years and I just cannot accept this as 


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