In your case, you're using the same email address from two different locations. I check my mail at 3 or 4 or 5 different locations, so sometimes it looks like G. Lane and sometimes Gloria and sometimes variations of that.

So - Regarding the name - your name gets associated with your email address in the settings/options in the particular location - in the computers mail client (program). For example, with the first message you sent from home you used Outlook Express, as I recall, and you've set it up with your and your husbands names. However the one at your work place doesn't have this association, so it just uses the email addy. With Outlooks Express, I believe you set it at Tools-Accounts- Properties. Sometimes you'll need to look for "settings" to set your name.

Anyhow - hope this helps.


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Thanks, Lance,
Actually when I got to work this morning I found the ones that had not come through at home last night in my spam file. All the messages that come to work go into my spam file even though I have the FeLV talk e-mail set up in my contact list. I guess I will just have to play with it and get used to the way it works.
---- Lance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi Sue,

Yes, when you reply to a message, it goes out to everyone. Usually,
if you reply to the list from an email address different than the one
you registered with, I don't believe the message goes through unless
someone (James, maybe?) sees what's going on an manually puts it
through. I've accidentally replied from a different email address a
number of times, and it's going through now, though I don't think
they used to.

I have a very aggressive spam filter set up with my email provider, and
a number of messages got tagged earlier this week. Maybe those are
the ones to which you refer? That might be why you didn't receive the

I'm not sure that there is any particular help regarding these issues,
other than the message you should have received when you signed up.
Hope that helps.


On Thu, 7 Feb 2008 21:12:27 -0500, "Sue & Frank Koren"
Help! I seem to be having trouble getting around in this talk group. Are there directions anywhere on the website that would help? Or a FeLV talk for dummies message? I just went into the archives and found out I had missed some messages that were directed to me. When I reply to a
message does it go out to everyone? I have noticed that when I write
something from home it has our names under the "from" line and when I
write from work it has my e-mail  address there.
Thanks for any help,
 Lance Linimon

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