I don't know about the IR, but as far as the vaccs- it sounds like he handled 
them fine, so there's no need to stress yourself out about it now.  Now you 
know better tho and can better protect him in the future by being better 
And you are very to lucky to have found this site so early on.  I only got to 
it when Monkee was in the throws of the illness and most hope was lost.  And I 
felt horrible when I realized all the knowledge and information that was out 
there on the internet that I didn't think to take advantage of.  I just took 
Monkee's incredible health for granted and thought if I kept him happy and not 
stressed, his beefy body would beat the odds.  When I realized I could have 
been more proactive with things- like no vaccs, better diet, supplements, even 
meds to ward off the disease, I felt horrible, but I didn't have time or energy 
to cry over spilled milk at the time b/c I was so desperate for immediate help 
with Monkee's sick condition.  It's since his passing that I realized the depth 
of what I allowed myself to miss out on.  Could any of those things have made a 
difference in Monkee's individual case?  I don't know?  I never will.  But if I 
can help someone else get to resources and better information SOONER than I 
did, then my guilt is lessened.  
You should feel really happy that you are taking full advantage of what is out 
there now- early- while Buzz is healthy.  You have the chance to do all you can 
for him early on.  
Don't worry about him playing- if he's happy and healthy for now and he wants 
to run around like a maniac and play toys, by all means, let him do it.  It's 
important to not treat him like an invalid, especially if he does not feel like 
one/doesn't know he is one b/c he will pick up on that.  For most of Monkee's 
illness my mom kept telling me to stop crying around him and treating him like 
an invalid because at that point (until the last 2 wks), he didn't know he was 
sick- even when he was getting chemo.  She didn't want Monkee to pick up on my 
cues and then in turn, get depressed and get further stressed.  Asymptomatic 
Felv cats don't know they are sick, so allowing him to play and act like a 
normal boy is all part of providing him a stress-free environment which is 
really key for Felv+ cats.

From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: Immuno-Regullin and exerciseDate: 
Fri, 8 Feb 2008 21:32:52 -0500

When is the best time to start Immuno-Regulin?  When they still have no 
symptoms?  I can still hardly believe Buzz has this horrible disease.  He seems 
so healthy and loves to play and has a great appetite.  How often do the 
success stories like Minstrels come along?  These postings have so much new 
information and the internet sights have so much conflicting information that 
it is hard to know what to think.  I just know the little guy cleaning himself 
in my lap right now deserves all I can do for him.
Does anyone know if a lot of playing exercise is good for a FeLV + cat? He 
chases his toys so hard that he gets out of breath sometimes.
Buzz had some vaccinations about a month ago, is he still in danger?
I have always had cats but this is so new and I feel so ignorant.  I am so glad 
for this site, I have already learned more real information that seems like it 
will actually help Buzz then from all the reading I've done for the last 
several weeks since I learned he was FeLV positive.
Thank you everybody for all your advise.
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