This is wonderful news about BooBoo Lynne! Thanks for letting know! You
guys have a great weekend too!


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Sent: Friday, February 22, 2008 12:57 PM
Subject: my baby

I have to tell you guys about BooBoo's new regime.  It involves taking
him out in the patio twice a day for fresh air and nature.  He's really
enjoying it.  He watches and listens to the birds for about 10 to 15
minutes at a time.  I think it does him a world of good.  Today he
walked into the living room after his outdoor adventure, which is
unusual, and was waving his tail in Lennie's face who was sleeping on
the sofa.  This woke Len up who just stared at him.  Then Bob was
feeding Len some silly cat treats and BooBoo who usually cowers from
him, got up marched right over to Len and hissed at him.  Totally out of
character.  Lennie who in his day would lay ruin to any animal who
entered his yard just left and went back to bed.  On the way to the
stairs Boo tore the hell out of the bottom stair carpet and boinged
upstairs.  I had brought his food up but he literally threw himself down
in front of it, put his head between his paws and sulked until Bob came
up and encouraged him to eat.  It's getting ridiculous.  He wants both
of us to feed him and stay with him til he's done.  So far the Lasix
seems to be keeping the fluid under control and he's breathing normally.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
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