I'm so sorry you lost her, Sherry, but it sounds like she spend a very happy
time with your man.  Hugs to everyone and gentlest of Bridge vibes to Anika.
She's telling everykitty there about the lovely people she knew.
Diane R.


[mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Sherry DeHaan
Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2008 5:32 PM
To: Felvtalk
Subject: Anika Please add to the CLS

I will try to type this through tears.We lost beautiful feisty Anika
yesterday to this terrible disease.She was a fluffy gray girl.Thursday night
my boyfriend and I were at Sids and we read that she wasnt feeling good in
the log book,so me and one of the other volunteers were trying to get her to
come out from under a cabinet and she used to always come to me.Well I
started to do my duties around there.A while later I glanced back into the
room where she was and there on the couch was Anika all curled up in my
boyfriends arms.I asked him if he picked her up and he said no she just ran
over here and cuddled up with him.They both took a hour nap together.I had
really bad feelings that night that she would be leaving us soon.So before I
even opened the e-mail about her I cried,cause I knew what I was going to
I will miss that beautiful beautiful girl. :( Sorry for rambling on,just
wanted to share my last thoughts of her.She looked so sweet cuddled up with
my guy.
Very saddened,


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