Hi Chris,

Well, woods lamps are blacklights:)  Things glowing everywhere could be a
lot of things.  Blacklights will detect phosphors used in ordinary clothes
detergent, for example:


They also pick up urine and semen.  I'm not sure about blood.  So just
because things are glowing doesn't mean it is ringworm - it could be the
detergent you are using.   Also, blacklights are effective about 50% of the
time in detecting ringworm - about as good as guessing:)

It is unfortunate you can't keep the cats confined.  When I have a ringworm
outbreak, I confine the affected cats to the bathroom, and then bleach every

On 4/3/08, Chris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  A bit OT but I figure if anyone has had experience & is knowledgeable, it
> would be someone here…  Ringworm—suddenly have an outbreak; have 6 cats
> presently (1 waiting for adopter)—only a couple seem to have it—long story
> of how it managed to get in but now I'm really lost.  I have meds from vet
> to apply & shampoo.  BUT how do I clean!    I borrowed a Wood's Lamp from
> someone and of course I see things glowing everywhere!!!!!!!!  Is the lamp
> good to check for spores on fabric (clothes, rugs, etc) & walls or is it
> only for checking living things (me and the cats—LOL).  I am starting to
> scrub and clean but now wonder, do I do that massive cleaning every day?  I
> can't keep the cats confined though I did close them out of one of the
> bedrooms.  Outside of that, they're everywhere and NOT trained to stay off
> furniture-LOL.  Any tips, suggestions, etc. would be sooooo gratefully
> appreciated.
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