I use Golden Seal on ringworm - works pretty well, unless it's in the eyes, and don't use it there unless I have an "eye" formula. I buy an $8 bottle(tincture) at the health food store. IT has a dropper, but sometimes I just use s q-tip.

I never do massive daily cleaning - don't have time. I treat it, it goes away, I no longer have it.

Had one little Persian with ringworm, that a groomer suggested a specific type bath for - and it sure did work. Have to look it up to see what kind of bath.


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A bit OT but I figure if anyone has had experience & is knowledgeable, it would be someone here… Ringworm—suddenly have an outbreak; have 6 cats presently (1 waiting for adopter)—only a couple seem to have it—long story of how it managed to get in but now I’m really lost. I have meds from vet to apply & shampoo. BUT how do I clean! I borrowed a Wood’s Lamp from someone and of course I see things glowing everywhere!!!!!!!! Is the lamp good to check for spores on fabric (clothes, rugs, etc) & walls or is it only for checking living things (me and the cats—LOL). I am starting to scrub and clean but now wonder, do I do that massive cleaning every day? I can’t keep the cats confined though I did close them out of one of the bedrooms. Outside of that, they’re everywhere and NOT trained to stay off furniture-LOL. Any tips, suggestions, etc. would be sooooo gratefully appreciated.

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