Many thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions. I'm much less panicking
about this. and definitely do NOT plan on throwing out the rugs, curtains,
etc.  First off, I gave up wall to wall carpet a long time ago and only area
rugs that can be sent to cleaning make it through the door-LOL.  And those
small scatter rugs==well they have a short life expectancy in my house


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ringworm, like cockroaches and twinkies, will outlive us all, no matter what
we do. it sits backs and laughs at us all.

there are a number of protocols listed on persian sites specifically for
dealing with it, as persians and himmies seem to be more susceptible to it
than other cats--a genetic link is suspected....

as carmen says, tho, everyday antifungal cream treats the symptomatic cats,
and the majority of the others won't get it anyway. first time i ever dealt
with it was in the FeLV kitten room.... we had five with small patches, and
we treated them--it went away, WITHOUT the other 45 or so getting it. (i got
it, mind you, but i have a compromised immune system..... i don't get it any

if you go to some of the veterinary sites, and read through EVERYTHING, and
finally get to the bottom of the page, in the very fine print, you'll see,
"goes away on its own in three months, with or without treatment."

so if you want to throw out all your curtains and rugs and clothing, and
shampoo all the cats weekly for months, and do the toothbrush tests at the
vet, and turn yourself and the cats green and stinky with lime-sulphur dip,
you can. 

there IS a laundry additive/cleaning solution additive that a persian rescue
swears by--all i have to do is figure out where the heck i saved the durned

incidentally, magic works on ringworm as well as anything else does--there
are all sorts of things that people claim will cure it that have been
completely disproven by research, but work for the people who believe in
them. so don't rule out that option, either.

On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 4:16 PM, Gloria Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I use Golden Seal on ringworm - works pretty well, unless it's in the eyes,
and don't use it there unless I have an "eye" formula.  I buy an $8
bottle(tincture) at the health food store.  IT has a dropper, but sometimes
I just use s q-tip.


I never do massive daily cleaning - don't have time.  I treat it, it goes
away, I no longer have it.


Had one little Persian with ringworm, that a groomer suggested a specific
type bath for - and it sure did work.  Have to look it up to see what kind
of bath.





On Apr 3, 2008, at 1:25 PM, Chris wrote:

A bit OT but I figure if anyone has had experience & is knowledgeable, it
would be someone here.  Ringworm-suddenly have an outbreak; have 6 cats
presently (1 waiting for adopter)-only a couple seem to have it-long story
of how it managed to get in but now I'm really lost.  I have meds from vet
to apply & shampoo.  BUT how do I clean!    I borrowed a Wood's Lamp from
someone and of course I see things glowing everywhere!!!!!!!!  Is the lamp
good to check for spores on fabric (clothes, rugs, etc) & walls or is it
only for checking living things (me and the cats-LOL).  I am starting to
scrub and clean but now wonder, do I do that massive cleaning every day?  I
can't keep the cats confined though I did close them out of one of the
bedrooms.  Outside of that, they're everywhere and NOT trained to stay off
furniture-LOL.  Any tips, suggestions, etc. would be sooooo gratefully


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