Sue, will keep our fingers, toes and paws crossed for Buzz next week.  

Sue & Frank Koren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
          I took Buzz to the vet's and waited for about 20 minutes.  The vet 
came out and told me she was overwhelmed with emergencies and would I 
reschedule.  So the test is postponed until next Thursday. I would rather be 
rescheduled then be an emergency.  One of the emergencies was a cat having a 
reaction to medication.  I just hope he will be ok.
  This is the second time I've tried to post this.  The first time it bounced 
back to me with a message that said "Results:  Ignoring non-text/plain MIME 
parts."  I'm not sure what that means.  The first post was not much different 
then this.

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