This seems to have been a very bad week for losses.  I'm sorry your Tucker had 
to leave you Sue.  I can only imagine the sadness you are experiencing.  
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  This morning I had to have Tucker PTS.  He was not FeLV+ but he had 
Stomatitis and all his teeth were removed last Nov.  My vet though what was 
happening to him had something to do with the immune problems associated with 
that. He said the root of the problem was in the bone marrow.  I asked them to 
take some marrow after he was gone so I will know more about what happened. I 
only hope that Tuckers sickness had nothing to do with letting my FeLV + out 
with the other cats.  Even though I had them all vaccinated, that fear is 
   The vet tried all he could think of but this morning his problems were so 
serious that the vet said anything they could try would have very little chance 
of working and also be painful to him.  
  Tucker always slept right next to me, curled up on my neck if I sat on the 
couch, and I have a cat bed here on the desk next to the computer where he 
would keep me company.  He was a large long haired grey tabby.  We called him 
the "great fluffy hunter of dirty socks"  because he would drag them and 
present them to you like it was a major catch.  He was such a loveable boy and 
will be so very missed.


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