Hi Tonya, 

There are technical issues still going on with everything. 
Certain "hubs" on the net have not updated their 
nameserver systems since before Memorial Day. And, 
that's about the time we switched web hosts. That's why it 
is sometimes impossible to reach felinelekemia.org. Plus, I 
just read that Yahoo!'s mail servers have some issues 
going on with them, as well. My apologies for the continued 
inconvenience. As soon as I find another job, I'm going to 
put felineleukemia.org on its own server. Please let me 
know if y'all have any problems/questions/etc. Best wishes 
to all.

James G. Wilson - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
http://www.felineleukemia.org (FeLV Research & Support)
http://www.3partharmony.com (3PartHarmony Productions)
http://www.myspace.com/wilsonjamesg (My Space Page)
http://wx.3partharmony.com (Weather for Edwardsville, IL)

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