Hi all,
Sorry I haven't posted much these days.
I've been busy as hell in rescue. 
Cats/kittens are coming out of the woodwork!
The fact my mother is dying as well. Doctors are only giving her  1-3 months 
to live.
She is still young (66 will be 67 on August 2nd) 
If she hangs on we will be throwing a B-B-Q Birthday for  her.
She had us kids when she was young and still got her education as  she 
promised my grandparents. My parents were in the military and retired  Lab/Dog 
Siamese Cat breeders. They were respected and recognized in WA.  state. 
We traveled the world as youngsters as well.
I'm 50 years old.
I wanted to let those of you know I'm so sorry to hear of your  precious 
kitties that have went to the bridge. The day will come when you will  be 
For you new members this is the best group of people to get support  and 
knowledge from.
They have helped me with my FELV kitties and Non-FELV  kitties.
Thank you to those that have decided to let their kitties live  regardless of 
what their Vets have said.
I have to tell you I have mix both Felv/Non-Felv kitties in my  home. 
Nobody that was negative has died from FELV. 
They died of old age or other illnesses.
I do get their vaccinations when needed.
There are some that do separate the Felvs from the Non-Felvs on  this group.
Anyway enjoy your kitties.
Many can live for years then others like my Taz didn't make it pass  2 years 
Good food and love is the key factor here.
_http://tazzys.org/_ (http://tazzys.org/index.html) 

_http://www.hurricanepetsrescue.org/_ (http://www.hurricanepetsrescue.org/) 

Terrie  Mohr-Forker

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