OMG, they are ADORABLE!!! I have two positive cats. Miss Clara just turned 3 
and Sophie is about 2 1/2. Opie reminds me so much of my dear little Templeton 
whom had to be PTS at the tender age of 1 yr. I KNOW he would be alive today if 
I hadn't had such an arrogant, ignorant, and negative vet. I no longer go to 
him and don't recommend him to anyone else either.  But I live in Iowa. I can't 
come to you, and I just don't see how you would be able to come this far to me. 
Have you checked around for a shelter? There is<> in my area and also 
www.c&<http://www.c&> in Nashua, Iowa. The 
latter doesn't usually take kittens. If you could get them to witty kitties, I 
could go there to pick him up. If Opie has been spoken for, any one of the 
others would be welcome.

319-338-6533 (I work nights so just leave a message. I sleep during the day.)
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        Julie, sorry I can not help.  I am overwhelmed with positive kittens 
already.  Just wanted to say they are adorable, thank you for caring and I hope 
you find a forever home for them.


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          Date: Monday, July 21, 2008, 1:09 PM

          Hi Everyone, I am a volunteer with a new (in operation for 1 year) 
rescue group in Upstate NY.  I have a litter of kittens, now 13 weeks, who 
tested positive last week for FeLV.  I had them in with another litter..I know 
this was wrong, but it was certain death for them if I did not do this..I took 
a chance and it was a bad one.  The others have all tested negative, but will 
be re-tested regardless..The positive litter had 1 kitten that was negative and 
4 positive.  1 also was tested negative 2 weeks ago, but passed away in the 
hospital from a bacterial overload.  These kittens are so healthy and 
happy..they are the most loving bunch I have ever known.  I am desperate to try 
and find them homes.  They have been separated from the negatives and are 
temporarily being kept in someones spare room.  This is not a permanent 
solution obviously.  I am hoping and praying that when they are retested that 
they may go negative..but our vet tells us that is very unlikely and I should 
look for homes for them where they can be only kitties or with other FeLV + 
cats.  We have 2 from last year that we were never able to find homes for..they 
became permanent fosters...this is not doable for us now as we have no foster 
that can keep them indefinitely.  I am reaching out in hopes that some of you 
may be interested in adopting one of these beautiful ans healthy babies.  they 
are fully vetted and have been altered as well.  I would be willing to 
transport them anywhere as long as it is a safe and loving home!  Please let me 
know if you can help or if you have any suggestions on who could help.  They do 
not deserve to die..they deserve to have loving homes!  Here is a link to their 
pictures:     <a 
 alt="julielafferty/Mayberry Babies" border="0" /></a>

          their names are Barney, Helen, Opie and Bea..

          Desperately in need of help,


          Please Don't Breed or Buy While Homeless Pets Die! 


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