Hi Wendy

Since the feline herpes virus is fairly common in cats then I believe the
addition of L lysine would be of benefit to cats with FELV especially if
they are exhibiting cold-like symptoms. Semantics aside as to whether it
boost the immune system or has some other mode of action, giving a cat that
does not have the herpes virus L lysine will not do it any harm. I gave
Junior lysine due to symptoms that would have indicated he had the herpes
virus as well as FELV. Anything to help him fight off the secondary
infections. I think you have a point about it's usefulness whether you are
able to articulate as well as MC. I do not feel that this was meant to be
inaccurate information. It certainly is not harmful information IMO.

I also used Transfer Factor in Junior. It was not cheap and I am uncertain
how much it helped. I was no longer able to afford the good stuff and I
think his health slid a bit when I switched to a cheaper brand. If you are
going to use Transfer factor be sure you get the 4Life formula. It has
changed formulation but is it the plus form.

Mary Christine you are a wonderful source of information and so passionate.
Everyone here has been so kind to me and helped me keep Junior going far
longer than the vet would have given him. They advised euthanizing. He lived
another year and a half. Most of it good, Some not so good. It got  real bad
very quick and the decision then was easy. I stay in the group in case I can
help. I know I would certainly do things a bit different now. I hope I am
not put to the test again.

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