And again, I defend my stance.  Lysine deficiencies can result in lowered 
immune function.  Period.  Even if it only helps combat the herpes virus (as 
opposed to FeLV), it is STILL AN IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOSTER!  And keeping the immune 
system boosted is of utmost importance in keeping the FeLV virus from kicking 
in.  That is why we say a great diet and a stress-free environment are the two 
most important things in keeping FeLV+ kitties healthy, because those things 
help the immune system stay strong.  The quote you sent says specificially that 
even though it helps control the herpes virus, they believe lysine has no 
effect on the immune system and no effect on other pathogens AS FAR AS THEY 
KNOW.  Which means they don't know for sure it does not.  
Lysine is an essential amino acid that the human body needs (not sure about the 
feline body, but I'm betting yes), yet cannot make it on it's own.  It must 
come from food/external sources.  Lysine helps to form and maintain muscle, 
bone, and other tissues.  Often, the FeLV virus manifests itself in the bone 
marrow, which we all know is when the disease causes fatal problems, such as 
lymphoma and anemia.  While I am no doctor or scientist, given this knowledge, 
it's still common sense to me that an amino acid that aids in maintaining bone 
and tissue would be beneficial to fighting FeLV when you consider the 
implications on the bone marrow.
I don't think there are enough/any studies done to say that lysine does not 
directly combat the FeLV virus/virus replication.  If there are, could you 
kindly post those studies MC?  And a moratorium on the sarcasm would also be 
appreciated by me especially.

 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change 
the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"     ~~~ Margaret Meade 

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From: MaryChristine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Supplements

here's the direct quote from susan little, dvm, head of the Winn Feline 
Foundation (, 

"Lysine is only helpful for control of herpesvirus infections.
Otherwise, it has no effect on the immune system and no effect
against other pathogens as far as we know. It is herpesvirus-
specific. And if you give arginine at the same time, you cancel out
the effect of the lysine, so it would be totally pointless." ([EMAIL 
PROTECTED], message #92072, forgive me dr susan!)

this was one of the many times she has repeated this; i've got the same thing 
repeated by a major cat rescuer/transporter in another place in my files, and 
if you go back in the archives you'll see that i and other have repeated this 
over and over again: LYSINE ONLY AFFECTS THE HERPES VIRUS. it's a marvelous 
thing, it trick the virus into not replicating, it's probably the only thing 
that i know that MDs and DOs and DDS and DVMs and practitioners of every other 
purrsuasion and specialty agree upon. 

we do no one any good when we repeat information without questioning it and 
finding out the details and veracity.



On Sat, Aug 2, 2008 at 4:33 PM, gary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

There are lots of things people use but Lysine is used by many people with FeLV 
and FIV cats as an immune support.  I use this on my cats.
Moducare, although, I haven't figured out how to give it to my cats yet.  Your 
supposed to give it on an empty stomach because it binds with cholesterol and I 
really don't want to put my FeLV+ through the stress of pilling them everyday.  
I suppose you could give it with food that didn't have cholesterol, but most of 
those foods are vegetables and my guys aren't interested.  I tried egg whites 
and they didn't go for that either.  If anyone knows how to get Moducare into 
the cats without pilling and without cholesterol, please let me know.
Transfer Factor.  I don't have any experience with this one so I won't comment 
on it.
Lactoferrin, I know people using this on their FIV+ cats.
And I am sure there are many others.
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Subject: [Felvtalk] Supplements

What supplements can be given to a FeLV+ cat to keep them healthy?

 Jennifer - PROUD VEGETARIAN & LOCAL SPCA VOLUNTEER.  Be their voice. 
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          Ash (born July 11, 2007, diagnosed FeLV+ July 28, 2008)


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