Good news about the test results.

One suggestion though--contact this no-kill shelter RIGHT NOW!  Most
no-kills are always full up and you need to be absolutely sure they will
take the kittens.  Also, please check the shelter yourself to make sure its
on the up and up.  Ask what happens to kittens who aren't adopted?  Do they
keep them?  Don't wait until the kittens are born.

Christiane Biagi

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Morrison and Isobel are both FeLV NEGATIVE!  I was so happy when I found
out!  Those were the longest 10 minutes of my life (the time it takes for
the test results).  They both got their FeLV vaccine.  At first they weren't
going to give Isobel one because she's pregnant (the vet confirmed) but then
they found their FeLV vaccine for pregnant kitties.  I spoke with my vet
about a spay-abort and he said basically it was my choice, but that is
something he does (for a much bigger price), but he said I should also
consider no-kill shelters.  There's a shelter that brings cats who're up for
adoption to my vet's office and they're on display in the lobby.  He told me
to take the kittens there after they've been weened and seen by him and most
likely they'd be adopted out sooner rather than later, and possibly even
displayed in his office, and their kittens always go fast.  There's an
adoption application and a donation fee, so as to make sure they're
 being adopted into good homes who really want them.  I got the feeling from
my vet that he's not too fond of doing spay-abortions.  He said if I do
choose to do that, I need to do it within the next two weeks tops because he
guesstimated that she's going to give birth within four weeks, give or

As for Ash, he got his rabies vaccination and he's all set to get neutered
on the 28th.  I discussed supplements for him and he recommended Lisine
(spelling).  He said I can get it at most health food stores, or maybe even
Walmart.  250 mgs a day.  I am going to look into other supplements as
well.  I have names of some.  With the supplements and with periodic
wellness visits, Ash should be fine for a while (I hope).

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