Last night, rather early this morning my cat Daisy jumped up on my bed and
woke me up with her attack play. She does this sometimes when she wants out.
Well I let her out and got back in bed. Now Spike was using the litter box
and I smelled really strong urine. I moved to turn my light on to make sure
she wasn't missing the box. Well Daisy had peed on me and the bed. Far as I
could tell it was normal. I think maybe it is behavioral bc she hates my
feral cat who I let in to eat. Last night I had separated them. I have done
that in the past as well . I will keep and eye on her but she prefers to
stay outside so it may be hard to monitor her bathroom habits.

What do you think? Should I panic and take her to the vet or see what
happens. The rest of her behavior was normal for her. Daisy is not a
positive. I think the urine output was adequate, but it is hard to tell when
they pee on the bed.


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