Hi, Adrienne.  I'm sorry Emma is ill.  There are lots of people on this list 
who will give you some really good pointers.  

I don't have any personal experience with chemo for FeLV+ cats; by the time my 
Patches turned up on my doorstep and was diagnosed, it was really too late to 
consider chemo.  I do know that cats tolerate it much better than humans do.  

I think one of the questions the others here will ask is, what symptoms was 
Emma displaying that resulted in the vet visit where the lymphoma was diagnosed 
-- in other words, was she acting sick, and how has her health been generally 
since the FeLV diagnosis?  And about that -- although the presence of the 
lymphoma points toward the FeLV diagnosis being accurate, is it 100% certain 
that she really does have FeLV?  False negatives and false positives aren't 
uncommon with these tests, especially if only the in-office test was given.  
This doesn't, of course, affect the lymphoma itself, just Emma's general 
hardiness.  Do you feel that she is suffering now?

Also, how have you been treating the FeLV? Supplements, diet, etc."? 

I hope you and Emma still have some good time left together.  Hugs.

Diane R.

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Hello.  My beloved Emma is 5 ½ years old.  Two years ago she was diagnosed
as being FeLV+.

I don't know how this happened.  I raised Emma and her sisters from the time
they were about two days old.

Her sisters are negative, as are my other cats, despite the fact that they
have all lived together as indoor only cats, and have groomed each other,
and shared bowls, litter boxes, and dishes.  Emma tested negative for FeLV
as a kitten.  She has never been outside except in a carrier. 

Yesterday, I got the news that Emma has Lymphoma.  I've started her on
Prednisone, and the doctor is recommending chemotherapy.  The doctor
estimated an 8 to 10 month survival rate for cats with Lymphoma who go
through chemotherapy, but couldn't give me any idea of the prognosis for a
cat who has FeLV.


Any opinion about chemotherapy for an FeLV+ cat with Lymphoma?  I'm
heartbroken and I don't want to do anything to prolong my beautiful girl's


Thank you.


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