I am sorry about Emma. As someone else mentioned the important thing is to find 
a good oncologist. It is possible that Emma does not have FeLV and that the 
test was a false positive. Does she have any symptoms of FeLV? My cat (FeLV 
negative) was diagnosed with Lymphoma about 5 years ago. She has had two round 
of chemo so far. The problem with the chemo is that causes diarrhea, vomiting 
and loss of appetite. I literally tried about 25 different brands of food to 
find something she'd eat, and many times I had to force feed her. Once we got 
through the chemo side-effects she is back to her old self and has gained 
weight. If you go through with the chemo and you find that the side-effects are 
too much, don't be afraid to ask the doctor to lessen the dosage. I did, and it 
made all the difference. There are some chemo drugs that are pills and can be 
administered at home. We used those as much as possible and my cat was able to 
avoid many vet visits. My cat takes prednisone and clavamox d
aily and I imagine she always will. The clavamox is for the diarrhea. 

Good luck with Emma! 


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> Hello. My beloved Emma is 5 ½ years old. Two years ago she was diagnosed 
> as being FeLV+. 
> I don’t know how this happened. I raised Emma and her sisters from the time 
> they were about two days old. 
> Her sisters are negative, as are my other cats, despite the fact that they 
> have all lived together as indoor only cats, and have groomed each other, 
> and shared bowls, litter boxes, and dishes. Emma tested negative for FeLV 
> as a kitten. She has never been outside except in a carrier. 
> Yesterday, I got the news that Emma has Lymphoma. I’ve started her on 
> Prednisone, and the doctor is recommending chemotherapy. The doctor 
> estimated an 8 to 10 month survival rate for cats with Lymphoma who go 
> through chemotherapy, but couldn’t give me any idea of the prognosis for a 
> cat who has FeLV. 
> Any opinion about chemotherapy for an FeLV+ cat with Lymphoma? I’m 
> heartbroken and I don’t want to do anything to prolong my beautiful girl’s 
> suffering. 
> Thank you. 
> Adrienne 
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