Well the "rumor" I recall is that it is absorbed in the back of the 
throat, so if you give it alone it heightens the possibility of that 
happening.  I don't have any sources to document it, however, and it 
may or may not be true.  But I always give it with a syringe not 
mixed with food.  I think some folks use it with food and still feel it helps.

One of my FIV kitties started having some mouth isues yesterday.  I 
started him on 1cc interferon mornings and he's much much better.  I 
haven't seen it help with mouth problems before.


At 11:36 AM 8/22/2008, you wrote:
>Gloria (thank you) sent me some great information about Interferon
>that someone
>called Tally put together for this list a few years ago.
>My vet has read it and is learning from Tally and any information I
>can give her.
>Is anyone using it now? The instructions are contradictory. One piece
>is that it
>cannot be given with food, while another suggests giving it with tuna
>Since I cannot ask my vet, I am hoping someone out there is using it.
>I just received it and if I can figure out the correct method, will
>begin tonight.
>Here's hoping
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