I need your help!!!  I just joined this website.  I'm so glad something like 
this exists as a resource for people with feline leuk cats.  I have a young cat 
(she's 2) who was feral, I started feeding her over the winter.  She's been 
with me almsot 2 years now.  I decided to bring her in the hosue 'cause she was 
a little kitten then, and I was worried about her being aout in the cold.  She 
was fine for a while ( at least 5 moths)  then developed a couph.  I brought 
her to the vet, she was tested adn they said she had feline leukemia.  She's 
been tested tiwce, so I guess she fdoes have it.  I didn't knwo anything about 
thsi illness in cats.  Since then, in the past 10 months, she's had a cold or 
upper respiratory problems, inclding possibly asthma and allergies 
chronically.  It seems she's been getting sick evry 2-3 months.  She's been on 
anitbiotics which has worked so far.    In the past 3 weeks she's had an 
occasional couph, and he
 rbreathing ahsn't been normal.  Sh's been on Clavamox anibiotic for 10 days,  
it's helped a little, but this apst Tuesday and Today, she had  a coupel of 
episodes where she began a couphing fit, then started weezing, and panting for 
air, with her outh opening for a few seconds for air.  IT was scary, I'd never 
seen her like that. I turned ont humidifier and that seemd to help her.    One 
thig though was that when I've had the humidifier on for too long, I found mold 
on the windown int he room, and that's not good either.  
 I'm planning on taking her to the vet tomorrow.  I don't know what they'll 
tell me. I want to keep her healthy for as long as I can. 
HEr vet told me that she might have ashtma, but it was hard to tell form her X 
ray because she also has the Leukemia.  The vet didn't want to put her on 
Steroids because it's deadly for leukemia cats.    
I'm wondering what to do???   I was told people ont his board know a lot about 
feline Leuk.  Please offer any suggestions, recommendations.    
Thank you so much!!!

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