Just a word of advice, watch where you wind up leaving your cats.  If it is to 
be to an organization, I would suggest you become active volunteers of the 
organization NOW and keep up a face to face envolvement throughout the rest of 
your life!
  By volunteering I have gathered intimate knowledge of an organization that I 
once thought was wonderful...and grew to knew it to be a place were I wouldn't 
leave a bug, much less a loved one, but you'd NEVER know it to visit or to read 
the newsletter.  
  The more I volunteered at different organizations the more I have become 
convinced that as I go through life, I (and I'm only speaking of myself here, 
not passing judgement on anyone else or meaning to preach) have to be certain 
to only take in as many animals at a time as I have friends and relatives to 
take care of them should something happen to me.  Even then, there is no 
  But if you are active, involved physcially NOT just financially, you will 
make contacts with others who have the same interests and concern as you do.  
Then, even should the organization take a turn for the worse, you still have 
personal contacts who may take a personal interest in your cats and do 
everything in their power to make certain they get a fair shake...even if the 
organization is full and can't take any more animals at the time you need them 
  Remember, being physcially involved can be a low stress as you need it to 
be....from just visiting every week or so, to perhaps groom or play with the 
cats being sheltered to answering phones to working the occasional weekend 
adoption events.

Lorrie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  On 10-31, Sharyl wrote:
> Kelly, how does one go about finding a a list of sanctuaries for
> pets to list in ones will.  I have a combo of healthy cats, CRF
> kitties, and FeLV+ kitties.  I'd like to make plans in advance.  At
> 61 I can reasonably expect to live for many years but there is
> always the chance of accidents, unexpected illness, etc.  How does
> a person plan for something like this when it might not be needed
> for 20 yrs? Sharyl

This is a HUGE concern of mine too. I have 15 cats at home, and I'm
75 and my husband is 86!! Some of these cats are quite young and 
I'm sure we won't out live them. I'll pay whatever is necessary to
find them a good home, but finding the place or persons is the
problem. In my will I left $2,000 per cat to each person who will 
take one of my babies, but so far I've not found anyone who will
take them. My three grown kids can take one or two each, but they
all have a bunch of cats and dogs of their own. I worry about this
constantly. If anyone has any ideas speak up.

Lorrie in WV

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