don't want to be too obvious here, but do a search (use goodsearch, and
designate YOUR favorite feline charity!), and type in, "making arrangements
for your pets after you die."

there's a rather famous book written on the subject, but of course, my mind
can't quite recall the title--i'll write to someone slightly younger who is
more likely to remember..... sigh. (we did a chat with them a few years back

also, rita at purrever ranch ( has a sample form to
help you write up something to go over with your lawyer.

along with the warnings that others make, GO OVER IT WITH YOUR LAWYER, and
do NOT assume that
your state's laws even allow you to leave money/property/whatever to your
pets. and make secondary arrangements as well, because you probably don't
want to know how many people who promised to take in mom's cats and love
them forever drop them at the kill shelter on the way to the cemetary.

(or stick them in a room for four years with food, litter and water, and NO
attention, because they PROMISED mom they'd keep them together--see my two
little shaded silver persians in the front room. been here for over a year
now; mom is 11 years old, all 4-declawed, and will let me pet her; daughter
is 9, and still TERRIFIED......)

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Maybe That'll Make The Difference....

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