Wouldn't they spend their remaining lives in cages at Texas A&M? I'd
believe I'd rather see my cats euthanized than living in a cage.


On 10-31, Kelley Saveika wrote:
> My plan is not to leave them to a sanctuary, but to the Stevenson
> Companion Animal Life-Care Center at Texas A&M University.
> Vet students live on the premises to care for them and they also
> receive great care from the University's Vet Medical Center, which
> is right next door.  You can leave any excess money that is not
> needed for their care, should they cross the bridge before their
> funds run out, to whichever medical program you want - for me it
> would probably be studying feline heart disease, for yall it would
> probably be studying FELV (depending on how they plan to study it,
> some of the studies have been...not good).
> I do not plan to leave to relatives, I have seen too many relatives dump the
> pets at the kill shelter before the person is cold in the ground.

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