This must be a sad day for you Sherry.  I'm finding lately I miss my dear 
old Lennie boy more and more.  He was very elderly, with little quality of 
life left when we had him put to rest this summer but I miss caring for him 
and his very soft purr even though he had little to be happy about at the 
end.  Then there's Boo.  My heart still breaks every time I think of what 
that little guy went through. I know we adopted Snow the little persian to 
fill that void but of course it doesn't work that way.  We still miss Boo 
and Snowy is not in the least similar to him.  Boo wasn't the most 
affectionate cat, kind of manly, and of course terminally ill, but Snow is 
totally dependent on us and demanding of attention.  She's a determined 
little girl.  I must be up at 6:30 even on weekends because Snow insists on 
it and I must be in bed by 10:30 because that's when she wants to go to bed. 
I so admire people like yourself who will do this wonderful volunteer work 
knowing full well what the future holds for many of these little souls.  I 
am ashamed to say I could not put myself through that kind of heartbreak, 
not after our short time with BooBoo dealing with that horrible disease.
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Three years ago today my Maizee Grace left this world. :( Sometimes it seems 
like yesterday that my beautiful baby girl was still here with me.
She is the reason that I volunteer at Sids(felv,fiv cat sanctuary).I have 
had the honor to love MANY wonderful babies in the last 3 years.Each and 
every one of them have a special place in my heart.
Thank you Maizee


"We who choose to surround ourselves with lives more temporary
than our own,
Live within a fragile circle,easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps.
We still would have it no other way"

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