Yes, Isabella had a high fever when we first rescued her. As I recall, we
used antibiotics. I couldn't find my notes quickly....I do know her fever
finally came down. Eventually she was on maintenance prednisilone and a pain
killer. And now she is only on interferon and has gone from 8-12 lbs. She
looks and feels great!
Good luck and if I find more on Bella's treatment, I will forward it.

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My cat Gray Kitty, was diagnosed with FeLV on his first birthday, 9/6/08.
He and his two brothers were born in our home to a stray we took into our
home.  She had tested negative for the virus.  His two brothers have also
continue to  test negative for the virus.  His two brothers are also type A
blood and he is the only one that is type B.  He has had 1 transfusion, due
to his anemic condition.  Since then, the virus has gone to his bone marrow.
He receives weekly injections of the Imulan LTCI and is on holistic
medication as well.  Since diagnosed, he continues to run a fever between
103 and 105.  Antibiotics do not seem to relieve this either.  We know each
day is precious that we have with him.  Does anyone else battle with the
high fevers too?
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