Jeez - I can't even imagine going through these things without this site.
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> That's exactly what I thought you meant Sue, that the Buzzy fund money 
> would
> go to James.  That's what I meant by being happy to donate to it, ie 
> James.
> OK so I will call mine BooBoo's fund. : )If James is willing to contact 
> us,
> perhaps we can do something about helping maintain this wonderful site.
> Lynne
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>> What I really meant was that I, personally, would save up in my own 
>> "Buzzy
>> Fund".  Yours would probably be a BooBoo Fund.  I have been thinking all
>> day
>> that I would like to ask the people who give me Christmas gifts to donate
>> to
>> my Buzzy Fund instead of giving me a gift. I am 51 years old and I sure
>> don't need another ill fitting sweater or gim-crack, but I would be so
>> happy
>> to be able to give to the kitties in any possible way...   I could also
>> add
>> to a change jar, or put money in that I receive by cutting hair on the
>> side.
>> So many different ways that might add up to something that would help. 
>> If
>> I
>> knew in my heart that I was doing it because of my darling Buzzy it would
>> make me feel somewhat better.  Most of us have lost our own beloved
>> "Buzzys"
>> over the years.  I think my first Buzzy fund donation will go to James as
>> Jane suggested.  The idea is still too young to decide what to do beyond
>> that.   Like I mentioned before, I have no idea what the expenses of this
>> list are, and maybe the best place to donate my Buzzy Fund would always 
>> be
>> here.
>> Sue
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>>> Dear Sue, I am so sorry for your sadness but I understand.  I will
>>> forever
>>> see our Booboo looking up at me the night we had him PTS as if to say, I
>>> can't do this anymore.  He couldn't have struggled like your Buzzy if he
>>> had
>>> wanted to.  Lately I've been very sad about letting our old Lenny go.
>>> His
>>> only crime was that he was very old and after months of watching him
>>> deteriorate we decided he no longer had any quality of life left.  Now
>>> I'm
>>> wishing we had tried to do more.  It all gets easier over time but never
>>> goes away.
>>> I would be honored to contribute to a Buzzy fund.  I'm certainly not a
>>> rich
>>> person by any means and try to contribute to TLC here for giving us our
>>> beautiful rescued Snowball when I can but I'm sure every dollar counts.
>>> If
>>> someone can provide the details and how to donate I would be grateful.
>>> Lynne
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