Amber, I'm sorry to hear about baby Parker.

One thing that everyone needs to keep in mind all the time - every living thing 
on this earth will someday die.  Nobody knows when or how, and to deprive 
ourselves of love and affection even for a day, because of what may or may not 
happen today or tomorrow is a slap in the face to life and love itself.

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> Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 1:43 PM
> Hello everyone,
>    I am new to this listserv, but wanted to thank all of
> you in advance
> for your insights and kindness! I recently adopted 2 FeLV
> positive
> cats, Neo and Parker (1 in April and 1 in September). I
> knew their
> lives would be cut short by the illness, but wanted to give
> them a
> happy, comfortable life before they left this world. 
>   Some friends and family members have given us grief over
> purposely
> adopting these sick kitties. I've heard things to the
> effect of "You'll
> be sad when they die" to "You're keeping a
> healthy cat from having a
> home." But I didn't (and still don't care)
> what the naysayers have to
> say. I know that I'm doing a good service to these cats
> that otherwise
> would be euthanized before they  needed to be or would be
> without a
> loving home. Someone (who was in my corner) told me that
> she worked at
> a shelter once and no one would even play with the FeLV
> cats, let alone
> adopt them. This solidified my belief for the need of
> loving homes of
> these forgotten felines! Their happiness is more important
> than my
> sadness, as profound as it may be. 
>   I'm saddened to report that baby Parker (who we got
> more recently in
> September) died on November 8th. It was a sad death as he
> suddenly
> collapsed and died a couple of hours later in our home. It
> was late at
> night and the emergency vet closest to us was in surgery.
> Other vet
> services were an hour or more away. We saw him take his
> last few
> breaths and wanted to end his suffering sooner (but
> couldn't). But he
> died knowing (hopefully) that he was loved and that he
> didn't die
> alone. He was the sweetest cat ever! :(
>   Our other cat, Neo is doing great! He's not showing
> any symptoms, has
> put on weight since we got him, and has a strong appetite!
> I recently
> read about LTIC/Imulan and told my vet about it. He
> didn't know too
> much about it as it's a newer medication, but I asked
> him to order some
> for Neo. It's quite expensive, but if I would have
> known about it
> sooner I would have tried it on little baby Parker to help
> him. Since
> Neo is quite healthy, I'm not sure what effect it will
> have on him, but
> I'd do anything to keep him as healthy as we can for as
> long as we can.
> I'd be most pleased if anyone tries this with their cat
> and could tell
> me how it works out. Also, did  your cat have any symptoms
> before or
> were they asymptomatic before starting treatment?
>    Thanks for reading and for all that you do for your
> beloved cats!
> Amber
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