Welcome to the group.  I'm sorry for your loss, but thank you for taking in 
positive cats. Unfortunately with this disease you just never know when or if 
they are ever going to get sick from the felv.  I have a 10 year old positive 
here with me as I type right now.  My first positive died around 8 years old.  
Others have lived lives into the high teens.  The bad thing about it is that 
when it hits, it can hit fast, as you have discovered.  I don't know about the 
new med.s.  My cat is asymptomatic, so I don't give her any medicines, 
additives, etc.... just a good diet and a stress free (as possible) 
environment.  My girl DD was left at my vet's office and my vet talked me into 
taking her because I already had a positive cat.  Vet's call dropped off 
animals "door dumps"  and I named her DD because my first positive cat was CC 
(because I found her living behind a coke machine).   DD RULES my house.  Your 
positive cat could have many years ahead of her.  I hope you'll consider
 taking in another positive.  :)
  thank you!

Amber Gilewski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am new to this listserv, but wanted to thank all of you in advance
for your insights and kindness! I recently adopted 2 FeLV positive
cats, Neo and Parker (1 in April and 1 in September). I knew their
lives would be cut short by the illness, but wanted to give them a
happy, comfortable life before they left this world. 

Some friends and family members have given us grief over purposely
adopting these sick kitties. I've heard things to the effect of "You'll
be sad when they die" to "You're keeping a healthy cat from having a
home." But I didn't (and still don't care) what the naysayers have to
say. I know that I'm doing a good service to these cats that otherwise
would be euthanized before they needed to be or would be without a
loving home. Someone (who was in my corner) told me that she worked at
a shelter once and no one would even play with the FeLV cats, let alone
adopt them. This solidified my belief for the need of loving homes of
these forgotten felines! Their happiness is more important than my
sadness, as profound as it may be. 

I'm saddened to report that baby Parker (who we got more recently in
September) died on November 8th. It was a sad death as he suddenly
collapsed and died a couple of hours later in our home. It was late at
night and the emergency vet closest to us was in surgery. Other vet
services were an hour or more away. We saw him take his last few
breaths and wanted to end his suffering sooner (but couldn't). But he
died knowing (hopefully) that he was loved and that he didn't die
alone. He was the sweetest cat ever! :(

Our other cat, Neo is doing great! He's not showing any symptoms, has
put on weight since we got him, and has a strong appetite! I recently
read about LTIC/Imulan and told my vet about it. He didn't know too
much about it as it's a newer medication, but I asked him to order some
for Neo. It's quite expensive, but if I would have known about it
sooner I would have tried it on little baby Parker to help him. Since
Neo is quite healthy, I'm not sure what effect it will have on him, but
I'd do anything to keep him as healthy as we can for as long as we can.
I'd be most pleased if anyone tries this with their cat and could tell
me how it works out. Also, did your cat have any symptoms before or
were they asymptomatic before starting treatment?

Thanks for reading and for all that you do for your beloved cats!


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