I just found this list after doing a little on line reading.  I joined this 
list to learn more about the issues surrounding caring for a Feline Leukemia 
positive cat.  Here's our story:

I have never owned a cat or even been around a cat in my life and I'm almost 
52.  Two years ago this coming spring I was in my yard working in my flowers 
and this poor scrawny cat came and climbed up in my lap.  I kept moving him and 
he came moving back in my lap.  He just kept hanging around so I gave him 
milk (remember I know NOTHING about cats).  The next day he was sitting on my 
front porch so I brought him some dog food out (that's all I had as I have 
had dogs)  He ate it as fast as I'd give it to him.  The next day he was 
still there so I bought him catfood.  I started feeding him every day outside.  
stayed.  After about 3 weeks I figured if he was going to stay I better get 
him to a vet and get him neutered.  I took him to my dog's vet who tested him 
for Feline Leukemia and I don't know what else and said he's positive for 
Feline Leukemia, you might as well have him put to sleep as he's gonna die 
Well, I'd become attached to him so I said, no not gonna do that.  Go ahead 
and neuter him and give him whatever vaccinations he needs and we'll go from 
there.  I found a local vet that specializes in cats and took him there.  I 
moved him inside and there's he's been ever since. He's a huge boy now, a sweet 
loving lap cat and  I love him with all my heart :-)

He's had some problems, a kidney infection, eye infections, and now he's 
having some issues with what they think is pancreatitis.  He's had bouts of 
vomiting, and loss of appetite.  It comes back after a day or so and he's fine 
several days but then it seems to come back.  I'm now waiting on the results of 
some test that may be able to determine if it is truly pancreatitis.  All his 
other blood levels are normal.  No temp.  Today his heart rate was up but 
other than that he was normal other than he acted like his tummy hurt and he 
wouldn't eat and didn't want to be handled (both things are very unlike him as 
he'd sit in my lap for hours usually if I'll let him)

So here we are and we're hoping to learn.  Oh, his name is General Sterling 
Price, named for a cat in a John Wayne movie, True Grit (Mattie Ross: You don't 
have any family, do you?Except Chen Lee and that lazy cat. Cogburn:     
General Price don't belong to me.Cats don't belong to nobody! He just rooms 
me.Course I depend on him...)

Sidney and General Sterling Price

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