I wrote two weeks or so ago about a very sick FelV kitten who was
anemic and had lost control of her back legs, and her bladder. We
took her to the vet and he felt she was in the last stages of FelV,
with little or no hope for recovery.  She was 9 months old and only
weighed 3 and a half pounds. Sadly she soon went to the rainbow
bridge.  Then yesterday we found another of her litter mates dead
with absolutely no apparent sickness.  This kitten was eating,
playing and acted fine, but suddenly died.  We've so far lost 
4 kittens from this litter of FelV pos. kittens, and it's heart
breaking.  Has anyone else found kittens who look fine, eat well
and play and then suddenly die?  I don't think this is a symptom
of FelV, and I'm wondering if this last kitten we found dead 
yesterday had a genetic heart problem or something else unrelated
to FelV.  Any ideas?  


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