Susan, good info on the internet about human directed aggression. Yes, I
suspect she was removed from her littermates too soon. We had a cat like
this once...he'd had distemper as a kitten and we thought he was a little
brain damaged.
I wonder, if the suggestions under human directed cat aggression don't work,
about trying some kitty Prozac.

Our biggest issue with Autumn is that she wants constant people interaction
and if you don't entertain her she will go into a rage and bite and scratch.
Rage is the only way to describe it. She will sit and stare at you  meow and
sometimes I can't figure out what she wants. At that point it is only a
countdown to her attacking me. I end up with bloody bites, bruises and
scratches. We have tried very hard to break her of this.You have to do
something because if you ignore her it only escalates. We have tried the
squirt bottle on the vet's recommendation and she will simply sneak up
behind me and bite the back of my arm and run away. She bites hard and
leaves terrible bruises and puncture wounds. The best thing is Time Out
which removes all the stimulation. It's the only thing that seems to calm
her, but if you let her out too early she will stalk back over to you and
attack. My best guess is that she didn't have siblings or anyone to play
with and teach her that biting hurts. We love her, she can be very sweet,
but I wish I could break her of these attacks. I don't know if she's
frustrated or bored? She has a ton of toys and some are free-standing and
she can and does play with them by herself. I just don't know. Has anyone
else had this problem?
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