Dorlis, this was a male cat who was an only cat. He has been dead for over 20 
years now.

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laurie,  maybe she is an alpha and you are not doing what she wants so she 
teaches you a lesson?  sometimes, Annie will act like this.  wish i could get 
inside their heads and then i could solve the problem.  we need a Caesar for 
cats i think.  dorlis
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> Susan, good info on the internet about human directed aggression. Yes, I
> suspect she was removed from her littermates too soon. We had a cat like
> this once...he'd had distemper as a kitten and we thought he was a little
> brain damaged.
> I wonder, if the suggestions under human directed cat aggression don't work,
> about trying some kitty Prozac.
> Laurie
> Our biggest issue with Autumn is that she wants constant people interaction
> and if you don't entertain her she will go into a rage and bite and scratch.
> Rage is the only way to describe it. She will sit and stare at you  meow and
> sometimes I can't figure out what she wants. At that point it is only a
> countdown to her attacking me. I end up with bloody bites, bruises and
> scratches. We have tried very hard to break her of this.You have to do
> something because if you ignore her it only escalates. We have tried the
> squirt bottle on the vet's recommendation and she will simply sneak up
> behind me and bite the back of my arm and run away. She bites hard and
> leaves terrible bruises and puncture wounds. The best thing is Time Out
> which removes all the stimulation. It's the only thing that seems to calm
> her, but if you let her out too early she will stalk back over to you and
> attack. My best guess is that she didn't have siblings or anyone to play
> with and teach her that biting hurts. We love her, she can be very sweet,
> but I wish I could break her of these attacks. I don't know if she's
> frustrated or bored? She has a ton of toys and some are free-standing and
> she can and does play with them by herself. I just don't know. Has anyone
> else had this problem?
> ~Susan
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