You may want to have someone do it who uses a laser....less bleeding and easier recovery.
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If she were my kitty, I would have her spayed. Yes, there is some stress involved in having it done, but there is also stress every time she goes into heat. There are other advantages to having her spayed, like a much reduced chance of mammary cancer, etc. I have had many positive kitties spayed with no problems. We can never know for sure but the odds are in
kitty's favor.


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I have a FELV+ kitty, Maddie 3 yrs old who came as a stray to us in October 2008, she is strictly indoors now, she is on interferon, and she is eating well, gaining weight, playing, lovable, etc. She has not been spayed, My vet who wanted to put her to sleep in October just because she was positive, which of course I did not do, told me not to have her spayed it could stress her and she would die, another vet told me to have her spayed. I don't know what to do, looking at her you would never even know that she was sick. Any advice? I love her so much and I don't want to do anything that may harm

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